Car Care Products, Enhancements & Accessories

Here at Melville Mitsubishi, once you have found your ideal car, we want to help you keep it perfect! Our great range of Aftercare products will help to give your car the absolute best protection. Browse our most popular items below, or get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

Melville Mitsubishi Window Tint Perth

Window Tint

Our range of Automotive Window Tints are perfect for those that want to add security, sun protection or enhance the appearance of their new car.

Melville Mitsubishi Performance Coating

Surface Protection

Protect the interior and exterior of your car and keep it looking as new as the day you drove it out of the dealership.

Melville Mitsubishi In-Car Entertainment

In-Car Entertainment

Keep the kids entertained on long car trips with our range of great in-car electronic entertainment products.

Melville Mitsubishi Aftermarket Bluetooth

Bluetooth Accessories

Keep in touch and stay safe on the road with our great range of aftermarket Bluetooth accessories easily installed to your car.

Melville Mitsubishi Aftermarket Safety Cameras

Safety Cameras & Sensors

Keep yourself, your family and your car safe with these great range of safety cameras and sensors. Perfect for reversing and parking.

Aftercare Products Line 2

AHG QuickTrak

Your car is a valuable asset. Keep it secure with AHG's premium asset recovery and security solution - AHG QuickTrak