Need New Car Tyres? Melville Mitsubishi have you covered.

Melville Mitsubishi stock a huge range of tyres to suit most makes and models so finding the right tyre for the best price is easy. Request a quote from our Parts & Service team today.


How to check your tyre size

Before you call for a quote, it is best if you know your tyre size. You can find this by noting the sequence of numbers on the outer edge of your tyres. If you are unsure, let our team know and they will assist. 

Top Tyre Tips


  • Ensure your tyre tread depth is kept above 1.6mm (the road legal minimum).  The tread of your tyres allows you to grip on the road.  The less grip you have, the longer your braking distance will be.
  • Regularly check the air pressure of your tyres when the tyres are cold.  If the pressure is lower or greater than the manufacturer recommended figure this can lead to excessive wear on the tyre.  Tyre pressure also has an effect on your cars fuel economy. The tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found on a sticker on your door sill, inside the petrol cap, under the vehicle bonnet or in your vehicle handbook.  
  • Ensure your wheels and axel are correctly aligned.  Incorrect alignment will affect the handling of your vehicle and compromise your safety.  
  • Regularly check your tyres for deterioration, cuts, bulges and lumps.  
  • If you are unsure of a tyres origin, never fit it to your car.  It may be old and not roadworthy.
  • Avoid overloading your vehicle as this will add additional stress to your tyres.  If you are adding additional weight or towing, ensure you adjust the tyre pressure according the the vehicle manual.
  • Tyre wear has a negative effect on the fuel economy of your vehicle.  A tyre with reduced grip takes more effort to roll than one that is at its optimum depth.  Because of the increase in effort required, more fuel is used to move the vehicle.
  • Incorrect tyre pressure also impacts on the fuel economy of a vehicle.  If the pressure is too low the effort required by the vehicle is increased which results in a decrease in fuel economy.

If you have any questions regarding your tyres, please contact our Service & Parts team.